About Magnate

Magnate Sports Management is a full-service business management company that works with future, current and former professional athletes in all sports.

Our Mission is to ensure athletes achieve the highest level of business and financial success.

It is our core belief that the modern athlete is a business enterprise that must be managed with the same discipline and transparency of a publicly traded, Fortune 500 company. Our name embodies the vision that every athlete should aspire to achieve magnate status in their off-the-field business life.

Conventional business management companies outsource most of their services because they lack the necessary internal subject matter expertise. Magnate Sports Management stands out as a one-stop-shop with the background, expertise, and training to provide business services to the modern athlete, including comprehensive business structuring, all necessary executive functions, financial management and analysis. We have redefined the business manager role to become The Athlete’s CEO.

The Athlete’s CEO

The Athlete’s CEO plays the most important position on an athlete’s professional management team: they are football’s quarterback, baseball’s catcher, soccer’s defensive midfielder, and basketball’s point guard. The CEO is an extension of the athlete who must know each member’s position, placement, and role so they can coordinate the modern athlete’s off-the-field team. Choosing the right CEO is critical to an athlete’s long-term success. He or she will help build an athlete’s enterprise and make sure they stay successful long after their playing days are over.

Traditional financial planning was never designed to replace a professional athlete’s salary. Most financial planning strategies are designed for 9:00-5:00 employees who may retire at age 60, not professional athletes who typically retire at age 30. Magnate Sports Management has one key objective: to implement sound strategies and create clear objectives to replace an athlete’s salary with successful independent business and investment ventures.