We work with athletes from any sport, at any career level.

Magnate will manage your life off the field.

We’ll handle all business functions on your behalf. Services we offer include:

Business and Investment Opportunity Advisement

Review of Endorsement Deals

Financial Management

Insurance Counseling and Management

Legal Consulting

Tax Planning and Preparation

Professional athletes experiencing bankruptcy has become all too commonplace. We’re here to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Much has been written and discussed about the problem, but Magnate has come up with a practical solution. The problem with the conventional approach is athletes hire professionals who work independently on their behalf. Magnate is a collaborative team working collectively to keep the athlete’s interests first.

A successful business enterprise would never operate without a Chief Executive Officer. It just wouldn’t work. An athlete with a professional sports contract has the same high value of a large corporation.

Typical Athlete's Structure

Fortune 500 Company

Magnate Corporate Approach

What’s missing in athletes’ business lives?

A qualified professional advisor who has the expertise to manage the entire process. This is where a relationship with Magnate Sports Management begins. We become your Chief Executive Officer. We assure seamless execution across all disciplines and clearly communicate the business and financial decisions that will shape your life and your future.

Our solution is based on a simple model.

Player contracts with huge salaries, endorsements, and endless business opportunities, make athletes themselves unique business entities that must be structured accordingly.  Unlike Magnate, most sports management agencies and professional service providers do not have all the necessary expertise and must outsource. Strategies can become disjointed, and details fall through the cracks. This causes you serious problems and put you on a path to financial failure.

Magnate has extensive experience with law, taxation, financial services, business management, endorsements and insurance, all under one roof.  The advantage for you is a company that brings focus, continuity, and most of all, accountability to your financial life.

Meet with us to see how to keep yourself from becoming another statistic.